Time to blog

So I haven’t blogged in quite a while.  Not since…HOLY MARY, JOSEPH and VOLDEMORT!  It’s 2014 already!  How the hell did that happen?  I don’t remember having all my fingers broken and in casts making it impossible to type.  Maybe I was in a coma? Or another dimension? Or Drunk.  No couldn’t be drunk, I haven’t had alcohol since I started the diet. Can someone be abducted by aliens, whisked to a dark planet and held captive in a cryosleep and not know it?  And maybe having my memory wiped clean was part of the whole experience.


It’s 2014 and an entirely new year is outstretched and looming toward the horizon.  It would probably be good to have some sort of a plan.  Not make resolutions.  I hate those.  Never keep them anyway.  But planning ahead is probably a good thing.  Like outlining a book… Although I really suck at that…. but for the sake of my future, I think I should try to put a few plans in place no matter how feeble the product.

So here goes:


Think.                             Think.                                   Think.


I got nothing. My muse has left the building for someplace more interesting. Don’t blame her.

I will have to stew on this a while. Possibly have some yogurt. Or real stew. I made a pot of delectable chicken soup this past weekend. Healthy, low cal. Good for me soup.  A Hershey bar would probably make me more productive but I’m pretty sure I’d feel like shit If I broke down and ate chocolate.

So, healthy it is. Yogurt and thinking. Soup for stewing. And no laundry list of things to do. No, something brief, meaningful, doable.  Short and sweet.

A chocolate bar just flashed through my mind.

And another cup of coffee.

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