I was robbed by writer…and I’m not a happy camper

I’ve never written a review for a book of fiction on my blog. Hell, I’ve never written any review on this thing but I just finished reading something that I have to blog about.

Hang in with me, here. There is a moral to this saga.

On the recommendation of another blogger I adore and on the interview he did with this author, I bought a book.  First I will tell you it is a book written for YA but I’ve read many books in that genre and find that a lot of the good stuff being published today is written for that age group.  The fact that the subject revolved around a serial killer’s son really intrigued me, so I purchased and read the book.   I was not disappointed.

The Book:

The fictional story revolves around a teenage boy who is the son of the world’s most notorious serial killer.   His  grandmother , whom he lives with and takes care of, is a raving lunatic and  insane bigot.  His father is the most evil thing  in the world and currently serving a life-never-getting-out-of-jail sentence. He didn’t get the needle because he co-operated with the police to lead them to his victims.    The core premise is this. The boy is afraid he will turn out like his dear old murdering dad.  It makes for a very entertaining story.  Yes, there’s teenage sexual angst with the girlfriend…and a doofis best friend who does anything the main character asks because it’s always Bros before hos,  but amid all that, there  is a pretty decent  and a very scary story of the inner workings of the mind of a serial killer as a parent and how  the whole nature/nuture thing might go in the home of  whackos like this family.  I enjoyed it.  The writer brought a good conclusion to the story arc, with just enough of his foot in the cliffhanger-door to make a good entrance for the sequel.  I enjoyed it so much that I turned right around and bought the sequel.

And that’s where the problem came in. As the title to the blog says…I WAS ROBBED!!!!

The Problem:

The story goes along well pretty well at first.  It develops, has good twists and turns, teenage humor  but then as everything is ramped up to oblivion and back…the book just stops.  The End.  I can’t even say it’s a cliffhanger.  It was like he wrote a book and after letting me find out who the bad guys really are(which was pretty much figured out on my own, he just stops writing and leaves everyone’s underwear flapping in the wind. No resolution.  Just knowing who committed the killings is not a pay off for my reading. I wanted justice or the promise of it.  What I got was  one  bad guy killing the other bad guy and taking off to kill again …with the girlfriend in mortal danger in a totally different situation involving the escaped Father/master serial killer…with the best friend in mortal danger half way across the country.. and with the protagonist bleeding to death having been locked in a storage locker by the killer that got away and , oh, by the way, whose killing spree had been set in motion by the now prison escaped father/master serial killer/ who has the girlfriend.  The writer stopped writing. STOPPED. WRITING.

I have never felt so utterly cheated in all my life. It wasn’t a gentle or even clever tease for the final book in the series, that I could understand. NO!  This was a blatant amputation of story arc.  Like one of those old TV batman serial installments when the voice over comes in to say, “ Will Batman be able to break free from the iron chains in time to keep from drowning after the Penguin threw him overboard in a locked box???  Stay tuned all you Bat fans…..”

You know what?  I don’t want to “Stay Tuned” until 2014 to find out how the kid keeps from bleeding to death in a locked storage unit with two dead bodies, or his girlfriend gets away from his escaped serial killer father,  or his best friend –who is a hemophiliac keeps from being killed by the insane grandmother and his Aunt who may or may not also be a serial killer following in her brother’s footsteps.  This was not a weekly tv series, this was a book and it was supposed to end…but it didn’t.

Which brings me to  this conclusion.:

I feel cheated because the writer did not keep his part of the bargain with me, the reader. In fact he crapped out on me.  And I don’t like it one little bit. Way too many loose ends.  TOO MANY LOOSE ENDS!!!!!!   It doesn’t make me want to buy the next book.  In fact it pisses me off so much that I refuse to buy it. Because now, as a reader…I’m pissed and I will not support a writer who does this to me.

This particular writer also has some adult fiction out. Uh, nope…not taking the bait, Mr!  Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice …well, you’re not going to get that chance because  I’m never reading you again.

You Sir, get a big fat “F” in my “Writing Fiction 101” class.

I will mention… for the record…I am not the only one feeling this way. There are reviews out in cyberspace that agree with me.  For that , I’m glad.

And I’m still not buying the third book.

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