ADDENDUM: A Life Changed

Time Jump…

When I began this blog it was to highlight a major medical challenge in my life. My Hip Replacement. To give a brief update, the hip is healed. It did not heal perfectly like I wanted but there is no pain. A trade-off I’m willing to settle for. I’m not really sure if it is due to  #1 The medical reality of two surgeries, two dislocations, two horrendous rounds of physical therapy with frequent major difference of opinions with the therapists on the most beneficial exercises for an amputee recovering from hip surgery,  or #2 The inevitable  reality of the fact that no matter how much I wanted it, my body was not getting any younger,  but in either case my walking is not like it was prior to my hip blowing out. A cane is now my constant companion even in my own house which I never had to have before. Oh,  it is a spiffy, stylish, blue-stained ash cane with a kick-ass silver handle,  nevertheless I HATE using it all the time. Truthfully, I think the march of time has more to do with the poor walking than anything but that is very hard to embrace. No one wants to get old and have physical problems but not many can avoid it. Still,  I am pain free, mostly… and I will consider that one in the win column.

With that,  at least for now, the Hip Chronicles have come to a close and been replaced with a new (and I hope) even better series of posts that will be full of both entertaining and informational reality based facts of life as seen from my side of the table.  You’ll still be walking in my man made and high-tech, titanium core legs, so… to get the party started I give you:


New posts will be added shortly….so come back often!

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