This thing of deciding what to focus on for 2014  is turning into an emotional ride through the cobwebs in my head. It is not pretty. I have a thought that keeps playing over and over in my head. A… Read More ›

Time to blog

So I haven’t blogged in quite a while.  Not since…HOLY MARY, JOSEPH and VOLDEMORT!  It’s 2014 already!  How the hell did that happen?  I don’t remember having all my fingers broken and in casts making it impossible to type.  Maybe… Read More ›

three effing days- Gone

Totally blew off three days of writable time. ARGH! I honestly don’t know what goes on in my brain sometimes. 3 perfectly open , nothing-to-do-but -sit -around-and-wait- for-my-chair-hoist-to-be-fixed days and I wrote nuthin. Disgusting is what it is. I should be… Read More ›

Close but….

Only got in 987 words last night. I was so tired I found myself staring at the monitor for about ten minutes without moving. That’s when I packed it in. Close but no cigar. Oh well, at least I’m keeping… Read More ›


I try to be good. My intentions are pure… but I screwed the pooch again. I haven’t been writing. THAT CRAP STOPS RIGHT NOW!!! Tonight- 1000 words; no more , no less Or die trying!