Free writing and donkey doo-doo

donkeyI wrote last night. Free writing, it’s called. First time for me. I got 1182 words.

I just went with the first thing I thought of and kept on moving the fingers. I was shocked at how easily I slipped into the grove of it all.  It felt good and each and every word was absolute donkey doo-doo.

Somehow, I ranted on the unfairness of my four years in highschool. No, that’s no quite right, I ranted about my crush on a classmate that lasted all through high school, and if my ranting last night is to be believed, may have never stopped.

What I wrote will never see the harsh light of day but… and here is where I think last night was highly productive…the IDEA of what I wrote could be a cool basis for a story:  

              “An unfulfilled high school crush  taints  all future romantic relationships in the life of a woman who continues to search for love.”

I don’t have a topic planned for tonight’s free writing. I’ll just go with whatever pops into my head when I turn on the computer. But it doesn’t matter.

What matters is .. I am writing again. It may be utter shit or it might be the beginning of a best seller….. but I’m writing again.

Hell, YES!

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