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I write and write and write until I like it. Then I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until everybody likes it. But those damn words keep filling up my head till I have to get them out!

  • Free writing and donkey doo-doo

    I wrote last night. Free writing, it’s called. First time for me. I got 1182 words. I just went with the first thing I thought of and kept on moving the fingers. I was shocked at how easily I slipped… Read More ›


    I try to be good. My intentions are pure… but I screwed the pooch again. I haven’t been writing. THAT CRAP STOPS RIGHT NOW!!! Tonight- 1000 words; no more , no less Or die trying!


    I’m overdue.  I haven’t ranted in a while. I tried to take a more live and let live stance;  water rolling down my back, so to speak, but now… I can’t hold it in any longer. To all media.  Print,… Read More ›

  • Ahoy!

          My grandson Bennett was so excited that the weather had finally turned warm that he pulled on his shirt backwards, didn’t comb his hair, forgot about socks    and barely got his shoes on the right feet before… Read More ›

  • Mickey Mouse Goth Club

    Once again, I sit before the screen and the only thing going on is the taunting of damn blinking cursor.  I thought posting more to my blog would get me motivated to produce stories. If anything, it wears me out…. Read More ›

  • The elephant in the room

    There’s an elephant in the room and I’m not going to try hide from it or ignore it anymore. It is just as much a part of me as anything could ever be.  It hides in the back of my mind in everything I… Read More ›

  • So, there was this guy with a dog…

    I took my normal route home yesterday from work. On a good day, I can be home in twenty minutes and yesterday the traffic was cooperating nicely.   Just a block off the interstate, there’s a pretty large intersection.  I don’t… Read More ›