Woo. Hoo.

Day two and I promised I’d post everyday, so here’s to a two day streak. Woo. Hoo.

It snowed again today. What is up with that? Makes me want to hide in a closet and eat chocolate bars all day. Even as a kid I never really liked snow, except when it got us out of school. Since we lived in the country, in the middle of no-where, Mason County, Kentucky, that happened fairly frequently. The hill my school bus had to climb to get to my house was second only to Mount Everest in height and followed a creek bed so snaky,  it rivaled the toughest course any Olympic skier ever attempted for the gold. Look it up, I’m sure it’s the record books. So even a coating of the white stuff sent the school board and all bus drivers into a frenzy.

For a kid, no sweeter words were ever heard at 6 am than, “Classes for Mason County are closed today.” Sure we had to make them up in the summer and that was a bitch. But when it’s sub-zero out and there’s snow up to your ying-yang, nobody thinks of the sweltering summer days in a building with no air conditioning. No-sir-ee-Bob! What you think about is going back to bed. A free day. the world’s your oyster… and then you’re bored by lunch time because when you’re a kid , on a farm, in the middle of no-where, Mason County Kentucky, THERE’S NOTHING TO FLIPPIN DO BUT CHORES.

Nope, snow and I are not friends. Pretty to look at, is the best I can come up with when I think of snow. Oh, yeah.  It’s cold and wet too. Kind of like a dog’s nose.

I don’t like dogs either.

Like I said, Woo. Hoo.

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