To all followers…and those even thinking about it….

I’m really not ignoring you. Honest.  But I do tend to ignore my blog a little , which I guess is kind of the same thing but it’s not intentional and I hold no ill will to anyone, Well, there are some people I have lots of ill will for but they don’t follow my blog so it’s a mute point.

The point is…I am trying to change. To join the great big universe that is filled with words swirling in the digital heavens. To post every,  everyother,  a couple times a week, minimum. If you still want to follow, I promise I will be a better host. I’d even serve cake and punch if I could. If you don’t want to follow and want to spend your time at other blogs…well, that’s the way the thin mint crumbles and you will be missed.

Until next time my friends or, if you’re not following me and have no intention of starting, until never, ya’ll.

Categories: life

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