I wrote this weekend

I did keep my promise.  Not by a lot but I did write some everyday so I consider it a triumph! I’m playing around with a short story that is born out of a writing challenge.  I enjoy writing the shorter stuff.  Maybe that is where my writing will gravitate if I let it. But for now, just putting the thoughts to paper each day is a major accomplishment for me.

This will be a short post. The day-job can’t be denied.  She’stalking-woman-phone-001.jpg a demanding bitch and since she pays the mortgage, she also rules my life.

Categories: life, writing

2 replies

  1. A proverb – Less is more.

  2. Attagirl. Write. Just write. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paragraph or a chapter. Put words down and keep doing it. One step/word at a time. Keep your story in the forefront of your brain, and you’ll be amazed at what the subconscious comes up with.

    I’m proud of ya, JK. Keep chugging along.

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