Fast forward

In the last four months…

Met a writing friend from an online writing group.  Had a nice time “talking shop”

I wrote a book

Enjoyed an Outstanding birthday party for my grandson who turned 5.  Way to go, Bennett.

I’ve been going to the doctor a lot

I’m having Blood tests weekly…arms look like they belong to a  junkie

I’m Maintaining my weightloss, even lost a few more pounds but have eaten some really bad and totally deliciously sinful stuff and thoroughly enjoyed it all.  I’m down 78 total!.  Woohoo for me!!!!!!  and woohoo for the makers of the double caramel Magnum ice cream bars,  Genius.

I wrote a whole book

I discovered I do have limits when it comes to eating healthily.   Tofu.  I’d rather be fat, thank you very much

The Immuno-suppressant meds continue to kick my ass but do seem to be helping the mouth crap

I have a New problem with my hip that is making me slow down and get back in the wheelchair for more time than I like and I’m now looking at 3 months of physical therapy. Thank God for meds of the pain variety and possible use of FML

One of my new trees, the pink dogwood,  has some kind of yucky disease and will probably die; the water bills on said trees are astronomical

a whole friggin book

I Dismantled my old oak kitchen table to replace broken pieces and repair and refinish

I also began stripping off layers of paint on an old tiger oak buffet(It will be Gorgeous) and got half of it finished before my hip situation made me stop until doctor clears me to do fun stuff again

Was necessary to buy a new smartphone after washing my old one and even though it was delicate cycle, it was toast(but very clean) so I lost all contacts, pictures and my favorite KENTUCKY WILDCAT RINGTONE

I had a HUGE repair bill for my car and the wheelchair hoist in it. $1600-byebye

AND………………………………………  TADA!

I WROTE A BOOK IN THREE DAYS during the 3 Day Novel Contest over Labor Day weekend.  30K WORDS. Full story, beginning, middle , end. BOOM!!!

Yup. That about does it.

Oh, yes….Did I mention I wrote a book????????

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