I’m overdue.  I haven’t ranted in a while. I tried to take a more live and let live stance;  water rolling down my back, so to speak, but now… I can’t hold it in any longer.

To all media.  Print, digital, video, audio, broadcast, carrier pigeon, cave paintings, whatever.  Enough!

I do not want to see the faces of two men who willfully killed innocent people. Not anymore.  I don’t want to hear about two men who saw fit to make an instrument with no purpose in mind but to kill or leave maimed normal human beings going about their business and having nothing to do with whatever the hell it was pissed the two of them off enough to do what they did.

I don’t want to see them, hear them, watch them, see their names, hear their names spoken or anything that puts then in the same universe as the people they killed or hurt.  I don’t want to hear their family members  talk about how good they were, how promising their futures were,  how they are being framed, how they are victims of brainwashing, or pressure or influence.  I don’t want to hear anyone who were acquainted with them talk about how they seemed ordinary, fun, funny and the one I hate the most…a walking angel!  An Angel?  A Fucking Angel????  Puh-lease. 

Their images and names are becoming household words and they should not be.  Ever!

They do not deserve one nanosecond more of fame from us. Refer to them as evil one and evil two, white hat-black hat, ass and hole…I don’t care, but do not refer to by name as if they are human because they are not. They are monsters. As black-hearted as any evil can be.

I am not asking the story be kept quiet.  It is an important one and the investigation of it is even more important.  I just want the recognition of the two of them as people taken out of the equation.

I want the dead one buried and the captured one prosecuted and held accountable for what he did. I’m tired of the veiled suggestion that the older one lead the younger one.  He does not get a pass on this. He committed the same crime and as far as I’m concerned, I will not shed a tear if he is sentenced to the same outcome as the dead one.

I don’t want to see their murderous, heinous faces anymore. They do not deserve any more fame.


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