things we all do so we can write


I’m overdue.  I haven’t ranted in a while. I tried to take a more live and let live stance;  water rolling down my back, so to speak, but now… I can’t hold it in any longer. To all media.  Print,… Read More ›


      My grandson Bennett was so excited that the weather had finally turned warm that he pulled on his shirt backwards, didn’t comb his hair, forgot about socks    and barely got his shoes on the right feet before… Read More ›

I don’t wanna

I don’t want to write today. What I’d really like to do is fly. Not in a plane but with wings or on a magic carpet or something. I could be like the kid in the children’s story, The Little… Read More ›


My hideously uncreative and banal day-job is arranging travel plans for other people, paying their bills and ordering equipment worth more than my house. Today, our office received an email- warning us of a disgruntled and somewhat “unstable” ex-employee who… Read More ›